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"My job is to bring ideas to life. We are creating a collection of goals to accelerate what is probably already happening."
- Andres Duany, Co-founder, DPZ CoDESIGN
"The key is getting people to live downtown. We need affordability, walkability, but there is never a funding source. I do not want this to go the way of everything else."
- Linda Moore, Vice Mayor
“This is a fantastic opportunity for downtown to define what it is, separate from other areas. It needs to perfect what (downtown) does for the city and the residents here."
- Tracey Zudans, Councilmember
"We have a tremendous opportunity. The downtown could be the centerpiece of the mainland. We need to create an environment that is conducive to a younger demographic, and create a vibrant downtown."
- John Cotugno, Mayor
"This is the first time I have seen something like this happen. We want places for people to shop, offices above that and residences above that. If you build it, young people will come."
- Dave Thomas, Resident
"Downtown is on the way up. The bones are already in place. What you are lacking here is young people without access to housing. I want people to be aware that this city is very future oriented."
- Andres Duany - Co-founder, DPZ CoDESIGN
“I was very impressed...surprised...with downtown, although it could be better. "I thought it would be hopeless, but at night it comes to life.”
- Andres Duany - Co-founder, DPZ CoDESIGN
“It takes two blocks to have a great downtown. Downtown will never replicate the oceanside business district. It’s got to be different ― cooler and hipper, a place where young people want to and can afford to live. Jobs will follow.
- Andres Duany - Co-founder, DPZ CoDESIGN
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DPZ CoDESIGN Presentation Replay

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